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Aug. 12th, 2024

star lips

Some amazing quotes

Dec. 19th, 2016

Natalie Wood

(no subject)

So I showed up at Kiril's around 5:30pm, We watched an amazing movie called "Pet" where the victim won. Then we watched the ever boring Prometheus. I forget what the quote du jour was. Kiril talked about finding my diary but that will never happen because I have so many outlets.I really wanted to watch.

Sep. 2nd, 2016


Quote du jour

Rob Zombie's 31 Trailer: 'In Hell Everybody Loves Popcorn' - Vulture Probably means kernel choking hahaha

Aug. 28th, 2016


I got those red wristbands so we could ride all day

The was a Crazy lady on train was talking about pigeon park and how ciggies are for $3 a pack there, she was drunk and messed up. Anyways I got lushed up and went over to Kiril's lair. Where Kiril packed a huge backpack with 2 flasks and a tent picnic blanket it took a lot of time and effort to do that.When we arrived at the yellow house on 696 he didn't even take the backpack with him, he said he would get it later. We got pix taken in the booth. First we went on the shitty slow bumper cars, then the taxi ride and beach party where I screamed so hard until I got a sore-throat I felt like we were having a meeting sitting there. Both roller coasters were closed and so was the log ride. Then we walked around to the PNE area to get magic show tickets where the guy in the ticket window had no idea what he was doing, we went to dinosaur exhibit, won beef jerky, saw Aliens exhibit. Then I got us 3 bags of those little donuts for $10 there was more than 15 donuts in each bag. They were so addictive.Around 5:45 I picked up the tickets, then we went to the games area where I saw Thirteen and Connie and gave them ticket seat 13 and 14. Watched Kiril hand over $20 to the annoying carney who ruined his concentration that he lost. Then we walked around some more.Kiril wanted to go on Atmosphere and did that the lineup was long so in those 30 minutes I went to the washroom, drank water, went on the carousel 3 times and rode the train. We walked to the magic show, at White Spot in the Colosseum I ran into Sam, Kiril got his burger combo, we walked down to the floor area. I went to the front spotted Thirteen and we kicked out the people that were in seat 15 and 16. I enjoyed Scott Pepper's straight jacket trick, everything was amusing we got covered in long strands of confetti at the end.Afterwards we went on the haunted house ride.Looked around at the games, Kiril rode the log ride while I got more pix taken. Then he decided to go on the wooden roller coaster. While I went to get 3 more bags of those little donuts, I went in the walking haunted house, the looney toons house, and watched Boy George sing Karma Chameleon it made me feel so happy and alive, then I walked towards the exit met up with Kiril and got dropped off at the 123 bus stop I got to the stop at 10:22 was on the bus at 10:27 and I took the 10:51 and then caught 11:03 home. I was so tired and slept like a baby.

Aug. 27th, 2016


UFC Night Out

So I arrived at the arena around 5:30ish, the security guard let me bring in my empty water cup to refill so I refilled it and gave it to Kiril as a bottle of water was priced at $4.00, a pan pizza was $6, a bag of donuts was another rip off of $6.I saw 4 fights in total. I was horrified to see the suicide girl get kicked in the jaw and knocked out, I really expected her to win. annoying Brazilians behind us chanted the following for Oliveira and Maia: HOO HAY - VAI MORRER! HOO - VAI MORRER! I had fun though the walk back to the car was long and exhausting. It took over 40 minutes we went for pizza and got 2 bars of chocolate dessert and smarties cookie from the bakery near the pizza place. I had fun but was so tired.

Aug. 21st, 2016


Sometimes wishes can come true...

Things I wanted and got today:
-Awesome bracelets
-My face painted (pink, purple, white and glittery)
-Mango, guava, pineapple, carrot juices
-Corn on the cob it was so yummy (7 para la casa)
-Pakoras that an Iranian guy gave us and some old hag reached over and grabbed some they weren't offered to her
-Flowers, plums and pears were offered to me
-I had the most delicious apple pear thing ever

Aug. 20th, 2016


Who's the pouty crybaby now? Learn to make plans, no one wants to be treated like this

I had pizza at 1pm for lunch, So around 4pm Kiril calls me saying we should go to food fest now cuz Kiril is starving. I was like "what the hell I am full, you didn't really plan this out with me". In the past when we hang out there is a time and place. As I cannot fly over there.I ended up arriving at the lair around 6:30ish, around 7pm we were at the food fest only to have Kiril speedwalk behind the trucks and then abandon me cuz the lineups made that person angry. Apparently patience didn't exist today. I could have gone with someone else had I known I was gonna be abandoned, I had to chase after as I had no other means of getting home as I left my bus pass and wallet in the lair. Shoulda treated me like a lady, it's rude to abandon people.

Aug. 19th, 2016


Ew Funky tasting Spunk is just nasty and gross

Why the hell would anyone in their right mind wanna keep tasting something that makes them barf cuz it tastes awful nevermore ew ew ew!

Aug. 15th, 2016

Ancient Love

What a beautiful night of passion

So I showed up around 6pm to the lair.We finished watching the Ghost Shooter movie. I brought some chow mein for Kiril. Then once the CBs were gone with got it on, omg I had no idea Kiril juices tasted like corn nachos so yummy.It was so intense and beautiful. Then we finished the remainder of the movie. Then CB told us she moved the popcorn down so I don't have to go up to get it so I popped that.It was a fun night. So much sweet loving.

Aug. 14th, 2016


We were at eachother's throats again oh no

I went to the cinema early to buy tickets, with hopes that Kiril would be there at 4pm, but Kirl didn't show up until 4:!1, I was so glad that I had bought the tickets same seats again H7 and H6, we went dutch. Then I was sent to buy popcorn, I wish I hadn't accidentally deleted my free popcorn coupon.Anyways the popcorn came to $8.20 with butter that I got layered throughout and the girl told me that there is one free refill that is good to know. I really liked the movie it was hilarious. The bun was beautiful and voluptuous. After than we saw the new Star Trek movie, it was alright I still don't get why people think it's amazing how come I cannot see how people see? Kiril was starving so we ran into BK to grab 10 chicken nuggets for $1.99, I was so thirsty from eating all that salty popcorn.

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