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I got those red wristbands so we could ride all day

The was a Crazy lady on train was talking about pigeon park and how ciggies are for $3 a pack there, she was drunk and messed up. Anyways I got lushed up and went over to Kiril's lair. Where Kiril packed a huge backpack with 2 flasks and a tent picnic blanket it took a lot of time and effort to do that.When we arrived at the yellow house on 696 he didn't even take the backpack with him, he said he would get it later. We got pix taken in the booth. First we went on the shitty slow bumper cars, then the taxi ride and beach party where I screamed so hard until I got a sore-throat I felt like we were having a meeting sitting there. Both roller coasters were closed and so was the log ride. Then we walked around to the PNE area to get magic show tickets where the guy in the ticket window had no idea what he was doing, we went to dinosaur exhibit, won beef jerky, saw Aliens exhibit. Then I got us 3 bags of those little donuts for $10 there was more than 15 donuts in each bag. They were so addictive.Around 5:45 I picked up the tickets, then we went to the games area where I saw Thirteen and Connie and gave them ticket seat 13 and 14. Watched Kiril hand over $20 to the annoying carney who ruined his concentration that he lost. Then we walked around some more.Kiril wanted to go on Atmosphere and did that the lineup was long so in those 30 minutes I went to the washroom, drank water, went on the carousel 3 times and rode the train. We walked to the magic show, at White Spot in the Colosseum I ran into Sam, Kiril got his burger combo, we walked down to the floor area. I went to the front spotted Thirteen and we kicked out the people that were in seat 15 and 16. I enjoyed Scott Pepper's straight jacket trick, everything was amusing we got covered in long strands of confetti at the end.Afterwards we went on the haunted house ride.Looked around at the games, Kiril rode the log ride while I got more pix taken. Then he decided to go on the wooden roller coaster. While I went to get 3 more bags of those little donuts, I went in the walking haunted house, the looney toons house, and watched Boy George sing Karma Chameleon it made me feel so happy and alive, then I walked towards the exit met up with Kiril and got dropped off at the 123 bus stop I got to the stop at 10:22 was on the bus at 10:27 and I took the 10:51 and then caught 11:03 home. I was so tired and slept like a baby.



December 2016

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